Norwich is the first city from the ICORN Network to root the City of Refuge scheme in a practical community programme. The programme aims to open up cross-cultural dialogue and encourage a spirit of tolerance and understanding in relation to refugee/asylum seeker issues, and includes work in schools, libraries, arts venues and community centres:

Strangers and Canaries Project  

A three-year programme based on the theme of ‘Strangers and Canaries’ enables local school children and youth groups to learn about refugees and asylum seekers through creative workshops.

Film Poems

In April 2007, 15 young people developed films entitled  ‘Exploring Norwich’.

Library Project

We are working with libraries to raise awareness on issues that asylum seekers and refugees face through a number of public events and a staff training programme.

Refugee Week

To raise further awareness on the positive contributions that refugees and asylum seekers make we are supporting groups and individuals to interested in organising events for Refugee Week

Shahrazad  - Letters to Europe and Digital Stories

Together with international and national writers, four Norfolk schools will work on a series of ‘Letters to Europe’ that will express their feelings and thoughts on a range of issues concerning the identity and future of Europe. With help from BBC Voices, students will then create two minute long digital stories exploring the matters their letters cover. This project will bring new, original and challenging stories from all over the world into Europe. It will also generate a great number of literary events and projects, dialogue and debate, within the six partner cities across europe.

Training and Workshops

We run a varied array of training opportunities and workshops, many of which are free.


Young Poets Competition based on the theme of refuge.

Short story competition, in collaboration with the EDP.