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We are pleased to inform you that we have recently also developed a European strand to the programme entitled Shahrazad and have launched this in partnership with 5 other Cities of Refuge in Europe these include Stockholm, Barcelona, Brussels, Frankfurt and Stavangar.

Shahrazad will bring new, original and challenging stories from all over the world into Europe. These stories will be created, told and disseminated by poets, journalists, novelists, editors, cartoonists, translators and essayists who are persecuted and silenced in their own homelands. Human rights, free speech, diversity and solidarity are core values within the project. Shahrazad will become a unique tool for integration and for understanding between insiders and outsiders within communities, countries and even continents. It will also generate a great number of literary events and projects, dialogue and debate, within the six partner cities.

For more details on Shahrazad see our Shahrazad webpage and   

As this project develops we will keep you informed of events and activities organised and hope that you will join us to celebrate this city’s commitment to freedom of speech and expression.