Human:Nature, The Salon

The salon took place over three mornings at the UEA.  Each session was led by a paper given by one of our writers in residence ( CK Williams, Richard Mabey, Gretel Ehrlich, Adam Thorpe and Gwyneth Lewis). The session then opened up into a wider debate.

The themes were:

Tuesday 17th June: Nature & NationHow do our imagined landscapes help create or change our national identities?

Wednesday 18th June:  Nature, Panic and ScienceDoes an ever increasing wealth of scientific knowledge offer us control or confirm our helplessness in the face of nature?

Thursday 19th June:  ‘With Nature’Can we write ‘With Nature’ or does art consign us to forever being ‘Against Nature’?

The sessions offered a fascinating insight into the ways writers talk to each other about writing, how the art form is shared across different cultures and how writers perceive their own practice. 

The work from the writers is now available to download and listen to from our YouTube channel.

Read Gwyneth Lewis' piece here - the rest will be published soon.