Norfolk Reads and Writes 08, BOOKCROSSING

“If you love your books, let ‘em go.”
New York Times

“I had almost forgotten how much I loved to
read until I discovered BookCrossing.”

Te, United States

Norfolk is about to become part of the world’s biggest book club when we launch Norfolk Reads and Writes by releasing a flock of books across the region.

On April 16 about 100 books will be sent out across Norfolk, and we want to see how far they migrate. So if you see a book seemingly lost in a café, a shop, on the bus, or wherever, pick it up and check for the Norfolk Reads and Writes BookCrossing sticker inside the front cover. The book is a gift from us to you. We hope you read it, enjoy it, register your name on the BookCrossing website (which is very easy to use) and then leave it somewhere else for another reader to find and enjoy. We’re hoping the books will travel worldwide – so keep your eyes open…

Those involved in the chain of the book which travels furthest by the end of New Writing Worlds will win a prize, winners announced at the end of June.

BookCrossing has over 64,000 members world-wide, with hundreds joining every day. Find out more at